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Apache Kafka Interview Questions

1. Please Explain Apache Kafka?
2. In which language Apache Kafka written in?
3. What is Kafka messages?
4. List some use cases of Apache Kafka?
5. What is a Kafka cluster?
6. List few differences between Apache Kafka and RabbitMQ?
7. What are some alternatives to Apache Kafka?
8. List some benefits of Apache Kafka?
9. What are major APIs available in Apache Kafka?
10. What is the role of zookeeper in a Kafka cluster?
11. What is the message broker?
12. What does serdes mean in Apache Kafka?
13. Explain the format of a Apache Kafka message?
14. How do I achieve FIFO behavior with Kafka?
15. List some difference between flume and Kafka?
16. How can you send large messages with Kafka (over 15MB)?
17. What is a Consumer Group?
18. What is difference between Leader and Follower in Kafla?
19. Explain the role of offset in Kafka?
20. Can we use Kafka without Zookeeper?