What are Automatic Variables? Enlist some commonly used automatic variables?


Posted On: Feb 22, 2018


Automatic variables in the PowerShell are used to store the state information. It is created and maintained by the PowerShell. These are mainly read-only variables.

Some examples of automatic variables are,

  • $$ - it contains the last token received by the session.
  • $/ - it contains the execution status of the last executed operation in the PowerShell.
  • $^ - it contains the first token in the last line.
  • $null – it contains the NULL value.
  • $_ – it contains the current object in the pipeline.
  • $IsWindows – it contains
  • $TRUE if you are running on windows or false.
  • $Error – it contains an array of error objects in the order of the most recent error.
  • $false – it contains the value FALSE.
  • $HOME – it contains the path of the user’s home directory.
  • $PID – it contains the process ID.
  • $IsLinus – it returns true if you are running on Linux or false.
  • $IsMacOS – it returns true if you are running on Mac OS or false.
  • $PSItem – it contains the current value in the pipeline.

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