What are cmdlet's in PowerShell?

Posted On: Jan 25, 2020


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PowerShell Interview Questions

What is PowerShell?

PowerShell is a command-line tool built upon the .NET framework to help the windows system administrator. With PowerShell, you can control your system operations such as accessing data storage, regist...

PowerShell Interview Questions

How to run a PowerShell script?

To run a script in the PowerShell, go to the directory where your script is stored on your PowerShell command. Then, run the script by typing the following command. PS C:\script_folder> ./Script.p...

PowerShell Interview Questions

How to check powershell version in Windows?

Open your PowerShell command and type the following command to find the version, PS C:\> $PSVersionTable.PSVersion The major column value of the result is the version of your PowerShell....

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