Teradata Interview Questions

Teradata Interview Questions
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An aggregate table is those tables which contain the summary of the existing warehouse. It is used to save the time as retrieving data from a million of records in the actual table will take too much time. So, aggregate the tables to a certain level of dimensions and use them.

Teradata supports some aggregate functions which are:

  • COUNT: It is used to count the rows.
  • SUM: used to calculate the sum of specified columns.
  • MIN: To find the minimum value from specified columns.
  • MAX: to find the maximum value from specified columns
  • AVG: to calculate the average of specified columns.

BTEQ utility or script is a powerful utility in Teradata that can be used in both the batch and interactive mode. It can be also used to run any DDL statement, DML statement, create Macros and stored procedures. BTEQ can be used to import data into Teradata tables from flat file and it can also be used to extract data from tables into files or reports.