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The clustered index is a unique type of index. This rearranges the order or manner in which the data or information of the table are stored. Also, the rows due to this type of index are stored on the disk, physically as per the index. Hence, there exists one single type of clustered index for one table. And the data pages are stored in the leaf nodes of this clustered index.

First of all, SPUFI stands for SQL Processore Using File Input. This is a type of database provision, developed by the well-known IBM for the system that they provide, known as DB2. With the help of this users get to put the SQL commands directly into the TSO environment. This way they do not have to embed the commands of SQL into the program.

EIB stands for Execute Interface Block. It is a control block that is loaded automatically by the CICS for every program.

It contains information about transaction identifier, time, date, etc. which is used by the CICS during the execution of an application program.