Mainframe interview questions

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  • Q2.

    What is the difference between the MRO & ISC?

  • Q3.

    What happens when a CICS command contains the NOHANDLE option?

  • Q4.

    What is Quasi-reentrancy?

  • Q5.

    How are VSAM Files Read in CICS pgms?

  • Q6.

    What are the differences between Temporary Storage Queue (TSQ) and Transient Data Quene (TDQ)?

  • Q7.

    What is the CICS command that is used to access current date and time?

  • Q8.

    What is MDT?

  • Q9.

    What is the CICS LOAD command?

  • Q10.

    What is a cursor in CICS SQL processing?

  • Q11.

    How do you handle errors in CICS pgms?

  • Q12.

    Explain the various ways data can be passed between CICS programs?

  • Q13.

    What is CEDF?

  • Q14.

    What is a clustered index?

  • Q15.

    What is the difference between static and dynamic SQL?

  • Q16.

    How do you retrieve the data from a nullable column?

  • Q17.

    What is a DBRM, PLAN?

  • Q18.

    What is the difference between HIDAM and HDAM databases?

  • Q19.

    What is Mainframe Testing?

  • Q20.

    What is the self-referencing constraint?

  • Q21.

    Explain lock contention?

  • Q22.

    What is the difference between version control and debugging tools?

  • Q23.

    Explain the difference among the EXEC LINK, EXEC XCTL, and Cobol II static call statements in CICS?

  • Q24.

    Name some commands used for CICS file browsing.?

  • Q25.

    How will you access a VSAM File using an alternate index?

  • Q26.

    What is the primary objective of CICS?

  • Q27.

    How does DB2 store NULL physically?

  • Q28.

    What is DCLGEN?

  • Q29.

    What are the two types of transient data queues?

  • Q30.

    What does EIB mean?

  • Q31.

    What is SPUFI?

  • Q32.

    What is the COMMAREA(communications area)?

  • Q33.

    What do the keywords MAPONLY and DATAONLY mean?

  • Q34.

    What is ASRA ABEND in CICS?

  • Q35.

    What are the differences between DFHCOMMAREA and TSQ?

  • Q36.

    Which command is used to release a record on which exclusive control is gained?

  • Q37.

    What are the different types of Table spaces?

  • Q38.

    How to establish dynamic cursor position on a map?

  • Q39.

    How do you make your BMS maps case sensitive?

  • Q40.

    What is EIB? How it can be used?

  • Q41.

    What is the significance of RDO?

  • Q42.

    What is the difference between pseudo-conversational and conversational?

  • Q43.

    When are scope terminators compulsory?

  • Q44.

    What are different ways of Initiating Transaction in CICS?