jQuery Mobile is basically a lightweight user interface framework that lets you build a mobile web application that can be accessed on Smartphones and tablets. The idea of jQuery Mobile uses the same architecture as jQuery It follows the proverb “write less, do more”. It provides people with an approachable platform.

It is a very popular and extensively used framework. It has a very user-friendly and simple framework with the least use of java. It promises to be a great tool for web app development. Thus, many people are looking for jQuery Mobile Interview questions. It has many kinds of unique layouts, themes, and transitions available for the users.

It supports various platforms like Android, iOS, etc. There are two versions available for downloading jQuery namely the product version and the development version. Both of these versions can be downloaded from jQuery.com. Its progress in the field helps people to access public content and functions on mobile, tablets, and desktops. Here are some frequently asked jQuery Mobile Interview Questions.

jQuery Mobile Interview Questions

1) Give a brief idea about jQuery mobile?

It is a framework built for the development of mobile web applications that can be accessed easily and is built on short manageable coding standards.

2) What is meant by the term ‘theming’ in jQuery mobile?

jQuery Mobile gives a powerful customizable platform. Theming permits developers to customize appearances by changing different settings including color combinations and certain UI features.

3) What is the need for jQuery?

JQuery assists in creating web applications in a manner that it can be accessed in the same way from mobile, desktop or tablet. It brings you all the functions and has wider support from different devices.

4) What are some of the ways to provide effects?

Some of the effects present in jQuery Mobile are:

  • Fadeout()
  • Fadein()
  • Toggler()
  • Show()

5) List a few features of jQuery mobile?

  • It is an open source platform.
  • It is coded in JavaScript and uses jQuery (user interface) for creating websites.
  • It is built on the jQuery core.
  • It allows us to use animated pages transition with the help of ajax navigation systems

6) Explain the use of data-role=”page” attribute?

This data-role =" page" attribute helps us to add multiple pages that can load together in a single jQuery Mobile document.

7) How to use transition effects?

The attribute data-transition =”transition_name” is used when a user wants to add different transition effects like flip, slideshow etc.

8) Explain the term method chaining?

It is a method that facilitates several methods to be implemented in a jQuery selection in a statement containing a single code.

9) What is meant by a deep copy?

It means that the elements and their descendants and text nodes are copied.

10) What is normally not included in a cloned copy?

Any event handlers limited to the original element are not copied to the clone.

11) How to load a page using jQuery mobile?

To load an external page - broaden its content, insert it into DOM and use the page load method.

12) Difference between JavaScript and jQuery?

JavaScript is a language and jQuery is a library build for making websites.

13) What does dollar sign mean in jQuery?

Dollar sign is an alias for jQuery. For example:


14) What is a CDN?

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network. It is a large spread system created in multiple data centers all over the internet.

15) Mention the advantages of CDN?

  • Reduces load from the server.
  • It saves bandwidth. Framework loads faster.
  • The data will be cached if visited earlier.

16) What are selectors in jQuery?

First, we need to select an element to work upon. Then, we select selectors. Selectors are used to finding the HTML element in jQuery.

17) Differentiate between jQuery.size and jQuery.length?

jQuery.size returns the number of elements in the object. jQuery.length does the exact same action but it does not have an overhead function cell.

18) Difference between detach and remove?

The basic differences between detach and remove are listed below:

Detach Remove
Detach keeps all jQuery data related to the removed elements. Remove does not keep all jQuery data related to the removed elements.

19) Difference between document.ready and window.onload?

The main difference is:

Document.ready Window.onload
Event occurs once the loading of all HTML documents has finished. The event takes place once the loading of all content has been finished.

20) Difference between prop() and attr()?

Below is the basic difference:

Prop() Attr()
After the values are set, it returns the specified value. After the values are set, it returns the default value.

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