Help Desk Interview Questions

Help Desk Interview Questions

Practice Best IT Help Desk Interview Questions and Answers

Helpdesk is a resource to provide context and insight into customer experiences and also provide internal features to benchmark the performance of the support team. Its main purpose is usually to troubleshoot problems or provide guidance about products such as computers, electronic equipment, food, apparel, or software.

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Below are the list of Best Help Desk Interview Questions and Answers

A service desk is a type of communication center that offers SPOC (Single Point of Contact) between the customers and the company, and between the business partners and the employees. The main purpose of the service desk is to make sure that the users can receive accurate help on time.

Service desks can handle both service requests and incidents. A service desk provides help for routine tasks like helping a user on how to change their password or setting a new user in the work systems. Other services that are offered by the service desks are change management, configuration management, and release management.

I have pursued my master’s in computer science in the year 2012 from XYZ University. I have chosen this field as I have immense interest in the new inventions of this technology and booming the computer science-related research that can lead to great options in my career. One of my main accomplishments during my college days was presenting papers in IIT Mumbai based on the research I have done in my initial years of college. I have worked as an intern in a reputed organization and right now I am seeking a full-time position in one of the most reputed companies.

Lists of some popular tech websites that I visit from time to time are:

  • Engadget</li

It is very important to stay calm when an angry caller contacts you to prevent the matters from escalating. Always try to focus on the even tone while speaking to them. Using an angry or agitated tone might infuriate the caller even more. Just keep in mind that the caller is not angry with you, it is the circumstances that are making them angry.

Always think about the situation from their point of view. How would I have felt if I had been in this situation? Keep a little empathy in your voice for the caller can help you to make them calm. If all of the above tips are not helping, then always take deep breaths to calm your nerves to deal with the angry caller.

There are various operating systems available. However, the names of some of the operating systems that I am familiar with are as follows.

  • Ubuntu
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Apple macOS
  • Google’s Android OS
  • Linux OS
  • Dos

Blue Screen of Death is a type of error screen that is displayed on the Computer system for Windows that occurs due to fatal errors in the system. It also indicates the crash of the system in which the OS has reached a condition where it cannot operate any more safely.

If the system is crashed, the operating system would represent a blue screen written with white text that lists the loaded modules of the kernel and their corresponding memory addresses. It also includes the module that has caused the fault in the kernel. It is a blue screen with white letters that are representing the problems.

Yes, I am flexible in my work schedule. I expected when I applied for this esteemed job it would require extended hours. I know it is a full time and a salaried position. I can take work home to operate for extended hours if required. Work is my topmost priority and therefore I am fully devoted to it.

Working as a help desk or customer support person has a great role that is directly related to the products and customers of the company.

The abilities that can make you an ideal help desk person as below.

  • You can work with and not for the clients
  • Cultivates and creates a relaxing working environment
  • Have vast knowledge about the product or the service
  • Advocates with balance with the customers
  • High troubleshooting skills
  • Always looks after quality when compared to the quantity
  • An approach that is process and analytics oriented
  • How some respect for the customers
  • Includes a marvelous communication skill
  • Shows collaborative team spirit

Yes, I am flexible to work on weekends. I am single and live along with my parents. Thus, I am ready to work during peak workloads and will be available on the weekends whenever you need me. My only focus right now is the success and growth of this company.

I appreciate and understand the fact that the team environment is both efficient and productive. I have the capability of adjustment; showing respect to my fellow members, listen to the suggestions and problems of my teammates and compromise. I can be a leader when required as well as play an equal role as a colleague in the team when the situation demands.

I can surely say this as following institutions and if required to led the team is one of the primary characteristics that I possess right from my school days.

I have learned some new skills recently to enhance my career growth. And they are:

  • Communication skills like speaking, writing and listening
  • Research and Analytical skills
  • Adaptability and flexibility
  • Interpersonal abilities
  • Ability to organize, prioritize and plan the work
  • Ability to solve the problems and take necessary actions
  • Ability to put me into any position
  • Giving minute attention to the details
  • Management and leadership skills
  • The ability of public speaking
  • Integrity and ethics
  • Ability to learn and accept criticism
  • Programming
  • Electronics and computer skills
  • Marketing and sales
  • Robust work ethics
  • Self-confidence

An IP or an Internet Protocol address is a type of numerical label that is assigned to every device which is connected to the network of a computer and uses the IP address for communication. An internet protocol network or host location addresses and identifies the interface. The version 4 IP (IPV4) defines the address in 32 bits while IPV6 uses 128 bits for the internet protocol address.

IP addresses are displayed and written in the notations that are readable by human beings. The routing prefix size of the address is represented in the CIDR notation by suffixing the IP addresses with the number of vital bits that is equal to the used subnet mask.

The OSI or Open Systems Interconnection model is a type of conceptual model that standardizes and characterizes the communication functions of a computing or a telecommunicating system without any regard for the underlying technology and the internal structure. The goal of the OSI model is to exchange the operations of the diver communication systems with standard protocols for communication.

The OSI model divides the communications system into the abstraction layers. A particular layer serves the layer above and below it. The protocols for communication allow one host to communicate with the respective entity at the same layer but in another host.

The full form of DNS is the Domain Name System. It mainly operates in port number 53. DNS supports the TCP and UDP protocols and is a decentralized system. DNS server converts an IP address to domain names and vice versa. In DNS there is no need to remember the Internet protocol addresses.

The full form of DHCP is the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. It operates on the posts 68 and 67. DHCP can only support UDP protocol and is a complete centralized system. The DHCP server is utilized to set up the hosts mechanically. DHCP is a trustworthy IP configuration protocol.

A pragmatic LAN is every broadcast realm that is partitioned and separated in a workstation interface at the information link layer. LAN is the acronym for local region interface and in this connection, virtual associates to a physical thing recreated and changed by additional reasoning.

Each pragmatic switch, or VLAN, is solely a number allocated to each switch gate. For instance, the two switch gates in the red mini-switch can be allotted to VLAN #10. The two gates in the orange mini switch can be allotted to VLAN #20. VLANs facilitate the logical grouping of end-stations which are materially separated on a web.

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