Explain the types of Test Automation Frameworks.


Posted On: Feb 22, 2018


These are the types of Test Automation Frameworks :


<li>Linear scripting :</li>

This is the easiest type of test automation framework in which each step is recorded by the tester manually and then all the test steps are recorded and played accordingly

<li>Test library architecture framework : </li>

In this framework, tests are done by linear scripting initially and then common tasks are grouped which are popularly called functions and then these functions are called by drivers to create various test cases.

<li>Data-driven testing framework :</li>

In this testing framework, the logic of the test case is being used by the testers. Here, the test data is kept intact and then the whole process is carried on. It promotes the security of data.

<li>Keyword-driven testing framework :</li>

The keyword-driven testing framework basically depends on the keywords and is independent of the automation tool used. This type of framework generally runs on keywords, component function and application map.

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