Explain the process of UFT i.e. how the testing is done in UFT.


Posted On: Feb 22, 2018


UFT process has 6 main phases:

  1. Creating a test plan: This is the planning phase in which all the steps, test data, and expected test results are identified for the automated test. The environment and the system configurations are also identified that are required to create and run your UFT tests.
  2. Recording sessions on the applications: The test steps are executed one by one on the AUT, and the UFT will automatically record the corresponding VB script statements for all the steps performed in this phase.
  3. Enhancing the test: Checkpoints, output values, parameterization, programming logic like if… else loop is inserted in this phase to enhance the logic of the test script.
  4. Replay and debug: The script is replayed after the enhancements to check whether it's working properly and then debug if necessary.
  5. Running the test: The actual execution of the test script is done in this phase.
  6. Analyzing the results of the test: The test results are analyzed after the test is complete, the results are analyzed in the generated Test Fusion report.
  7. Reporting defects: After the test, all the defects that are identified are reported. By using Quality Center, the defects can be automatically raised for a failed test in UFT.

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