Top 5 Tools For Testing Angular Applications


Posted On: Jul 17, 2023

Top 5 Tools For Testing Angular Applications


We know how to build and run an application from Angular 5 framework. However, we need to know if all the features or packages that you have added are working as they are intended to. This is the main reason a trail run is needed before you launch the application for consumer use.

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Testing is an integral part of the development irrespective of what field you are working in. Software testing tools have been developed to verify the current status of the application, its end to end forms being implemented and rendered as intended.

We will discuss the various testing tools that go hand in hand with Angular 5 framework.
Before we look at the testing tools, we need to know how the testing process works. You need to concentrate on these 5 factors before you could use the testing tools for your project. They are:

  • Design aid – You need to have the perspective about the ideal API design
  • Documentation – Every code implemented needs to be documented
  • Developer understanding – In the worst case scenario, the developer needs to understand the issue and provide a suitable response to nullify its effect.
  • Quality – Continuous change of data or the request, manual quality is not perfect. In this case, every feature needs to be tested after the change occurs from the client-side server.
  • Constant Aid – The Automated Quality tool will ensure that broken builds will not be deployed to production.

Now that we know what testing does and the factors that determine a responsive and smart testing tool. Let’s look at the most compatible testing tools for Angular 5.

1. Karma

An open source framework developed and maintained by the GitHub community. This is the most compatible test runner for Angular known for testing on real devices. Karma provides continuous integration with various browsers with easy debugging directly from IDE.

2. Angular Mocks

A unit test expert which is Namespace from angular.mocks.js test related code. It is important to isolate the unit code which is under test for Angular 5. The inject method of Angular mock enables us to inject named Angular dependencies.

3. Mocha

This tool runs on node.js and is used with browsers for asynchronous testing. A feature-rich JS framework, Mocha test runs serially mapping uncaught exceptions to correct test cases. It has flexible and accurate reporting.

4. Browserify

Browserify reduces coding between files to bundle all dependencies before testing. Another utility Library Lodash helps this tool to provide consistency, customization, and performance. With JavaScript extension, it is very easy to work with.

5. Sion

One-man army for testing, a standalone test spy for JavaScript is Sion. Without any dependencies, you can work with any unit testing. In unit tests, you can mock out directive and controller dependencies to check for functions that are being called with arguments using the stubbing and mocking library.

These 5 tools are excellent to work with when you use Angular 5 framework.

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Final Thoughts

We talked about various tools that help better your application from production and efficiency perspective.
These tools will definitely help you make better decisions to use suitable testing tools for your project to improvise on a periodic basis.

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