What are Personal, shared and secured connections and write some differences between them?


Posted On: Feb 22, 2018


  1. Personal Connections: These are created by only one user while other users can’t use.
  2. Shared Connections: In this type of connection, other users can also use my server which is a shared one.
  3. Secured Connection: This type of connections overcomes the limit of above two connections. It has the rights which can be set on documents as well as objects.

Differences: The difference shown by the following table

Personal ConnectionsShared ConnectionsSecured Connections
Created by only one user but others can’t use.Created by one user but can be used by other users using a shared server.Overcome the limitations of personal and shared connections by applying its rights to documents and objects
The Connection details are stored in PDAC.LSI file.The connection details are stored in SDAC.LSI file.The Connection details are stored in a CMS file.
It can’t set rights on documents and objects.It also can’t set rights on documents and objects.It has the rights to implement documents and objects.
Universes can't be exported to the central repository using this connectionHere also, Universes can’t be exported.Using a secured connection, universes can share information through a central repository.

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