Write some @functions with their functionality?


Posted On: Feb 22, 2018


There are many @functions used in Business Objects. The list is shown below:

  1. @Aggregate_Aware: This function is used to define one object for measures in fact table. This scenario is caused when we have the same fact table in different grains. The syntax is:
  2. @aggregte_aware(highest_level.lower_level)
  3. @Select: This function is re-used for an existing SELECT statement.
  4. @Where: It is used to find the where clause of an existing object.
  5. @Prompt: This function is used to ask the end user to enter any particular value in a given domain
  6. @Script: It is used to recover the visual basics of applications’ macro’s result.
  7. @Variable: The value assigned to the name or variable will be referenced using @Variable.

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