Natural Language Processing (NLP) Interview Questions

Below are few Frequently Asked NLP Interview Questions

  • What is NLP?

    Natural Language Processing or NLP is an automated way to understand or analyse the natural languages and extract required information from such data by applying machine learning Algorithms.

  • List some Components of NLP?
  • List some areas of NLP?
  • Define the NLP Terminology?
  • What is the significance of TF-IDF?
  • What is part of speech (POS) tagging?
  • What is Lemmatization in NLP?
  • What is stemming in NLP?
  • What is tokenization in NLP?
  • What is latent semantic indexing and where can it be applied?
  • What is dependency parsing?
  • Differentiate regular grammar and regular expression.
  • List some tools for training NLP models?
  • Describe dependency parsing?
  • Explain Named entity recognition (NER)?
  • What is NLTK?
  • List some OpenSource Libraries for NLP?
  • What is the difference between NLP and NLU?
  • What is the difference between NLP and CI(Conversational Interfaces)?
  • List few differences between AI, Machine Learning, and NLP?
  • Explain the Masked Language Model?