Industrial Engineering MCQ

Industrial Engineering MCQ

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  • 10th Dec, 2021

Take Industrial Engineering MCQ Test & Online Quiz to test your Knowledge

Below is the Industrial Engineering MCQ test that checks your basic knowledge of Industrial Engineering. This Industrial Engineering MCQ Test contains 20 Multiple Choice Questions. You have to select the right answer to the question. Finally, you can also take the Online Quiz from the Take Industrial Engineering Quiz Button.

Industrial Engineering MCQ Test

1) What is the CPM?

  • A. Event oriented technique
  • B.Activity oriented technique
  • C.Target oriented technique
  • D.None of the above

2) Who is the father of Industrial Engineering?

  • A. George John Smeaton
  • B.Frederick Taylor
  • C.Timoshenko
  • D.Nicolas LĂ©onard Sadi Carnot

3) What is Basic tool in work study?

  • A. Stop watch
  • B.Graph paper
  • C.Process chart
  • D.Planning chart

4) Which layout is suited for mass production?

  • A. Plant layout
  • B.Process layout
  • C.Product layout
  • D.Fixed position layout

5) What does PERT stands for?

  • A. Process Estimation and Review Technique
  • B.Program Estimation and Reporting Technique
  • C.Program Evaluation and Review Technique
  • D.None of the above

6) Product layout is used for which of the following?

  • A. Job production
  • B.Mass production
  • C.Batch production
  • D.None of the above

7) Which of the following is widely used for handling materials during manufacture of cement?

  • A. Belt conveyor
  • B.Fork lift truck
  • C.Bucket conveyor
  • D.Overhead crane

8) What does symbol 'O' imply in work study?

  • A. Inspection
  • B.Operation
  • C.Transport
  • D.None of the above

9) What is the basic difference between PERT and CPM?

  • A. Critical path is determined in PERT only
  • B.PERT deals with events and CPM with activities
  • C.Costs are considered on CPM only and not in PERT
  • D.Guessed times are used in PERT and evaluated times in CPM

10) Military organisation is also known as ..................

  • A. Line organisation
  • B.Functional organisation
  • C.Line and staff organisation
  • D.None of the above

11) .......... represents a group incentive plan.

  • A. Rowan Plan
  • B.Scanlon Plan
  • C.Halsey Premium Plan
  • D.None of the above

12) Which layout is suited to job production?

  • A. Plant layout
  • B.Product layout
  • C.Process layout
  • D.None of the Above

13) What is the purpose of micro-motion study?

  • A. Assist in finding out the most efficient way of doing work
  • B.Help in collecting the motion time data for synthetic time standards
  • C.Train the individual operator regarding the motion economy principles
  • D.All of the Above

14) What is the type of layout used for manufacturing steam turbines?

  • A. Process layout
  • B.Product layout
  • C.Fixed position layout
  • D.None of the above

15) Break-even analysis consists of -

  • A. Fixed cost
  • B.Variable Cost
  • C.Operation Cost
  • D.Both A & B

16) What is Equipment failure?

  • A. Quality loss
  • B.Availability loss
  • C.OEE
  • D.Performance loss

17) ........... is not an incentive plan.

  • A. Gantt plan
  • B.Halsey plan
  • C.Rowan plan
  • D.Standard plan

18) Job evaluation is the method of determining the

  • A. Skills required by a worker
  • B.Contribution of a job
  • C.Contribution of a worker
  • D.The relative worth of jobs

19) What is Micromotion study?

  • A. Enlarged view of motion study
  • B.Minute and detailed motion study
  • C.Analysis of one stage of motion study
  • D.Subdivision of an operation into therbligs and their analysis

20) What does the symbol 'D' imply in work-study?

  • A. Transport
  • B.Inspection
  • C.Delay temporary storage
  • D.Permanent storage

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