Automobile Engineering MCQ Quiz

  1. How many cells are used in a 12 volt car battery?
  2. The power actually developed inside the engine cylinder is called as -
  3. The battery is an Electrochemical device, which means battery
  4. The petrol engines are also known as -
  5. The compression ratio of a petrol engine is nearly -
  6. The Basic Characteristics of a break fluid is -
  7. The Negative Plates of a lead acid battery has -
  8. Petrol that detonates easily is called -
  9. _______________ Indicates multi-grade oil?
  10. When turning a corner -
  11. The size of the engine intake valve is -
  12. On modern four stroke engines the exhaust valve opens just -
  13. At which stroke the fuel is injected in the CI engine?
  14. What is the spray cone angle in the Pintle nozzle?
Automobile Engineering MCQ

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Below are few Automobile Engineering MCQ test that checks your basic knowledge of Electrostatics. This Automobile Engineering Test contains around 20 questions of multiple choice with 4 options. You have to select the right answer to a question. You can see the correct answer by clicking the view answer link. apart from this, you can also download automobile engineering mcq pdf complelty free.

  • 4
  • 6
  • 8
  • 10
  • Frictional power
  • Brake power
  • Indicated power
  • None of These
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  • Uses chemical action to provide electricity
  • Makes chemicals by mechanical means
  • Has curved plates instead of flat plates
  • None of the above
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  • Compression ignition (C.I.) engines
  • Spark ignition (S.I.) engines
  • Steam engines
  • None of these
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  • Low viscocity
  • A highly boiling point
  • Compatibility with rubber and metal parts
  • All of the above
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  • Lead sulphate (PbSO₄)
  • Lead peroxide (PbO₂)
  • Spongy lead (Pb)
  • Sulphuric acid (H₂SO₄)
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  • Low octane petrol
  • High octane petrol
  • Unleaded petrol
  • Blended fuel
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  • SAE 30
  • SAE20 W50
  • API SF
  • API 50
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  • The front wheels are turning on different angles
  • The front wheels are toeing out
  • The inside front wheels has a greater angle than the outside wheel
  • All of the above
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  • Same as that of exhaust valve
  • Larger than that of exhaust valve
  • Smaller than that of exhaust valve
  • Does not depend upon the size of exhaust valve
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  • Before TDC
  • Before BDC
  • Before TDC
  • After BDC
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  • Compression stroke
  • Expansion stroke
  • Exhaust stroke
  • Suction stroke
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  • The ratio of the maximum fluctuation of energy to the mean speed
  • The ratio of the maximum fluctuation of speed to the mean speed
  • The ratio of the minimum fluctuation of energy to the mean speed
  • The ratio of the work done per cycle to the mean speed
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  • Reverse flow scavenging
  • Cross scavenging
  • Uniform scavenging
  • Loop scavenging
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  • chromium
  • nickel
  • steel sleeves
  • grey cast iron
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  • machinability
  • density
  • co-efficient of thermal expansion
  • thermal conductivity
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  • high thermal conductivity
  • lightness in weight
  • less corrosion rate
  • cost
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