Hotel Management Interview Questions

Hotel Management Interview Questions
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Below are the list of Best Hotel Management Interview Questions and Answers

Hospitality is a relationship between a host and a guest. In this relation, the host receives the guest with goodwill, entertainment of guests, reception, strangers, and visitors. In other words, hospitality is a soul that cares for the whole universe. It is the way people treat their guests when they come to the hotel. Hospitality plays a vital role in increasing or decreasing the value of a hotel.

  • Motels: In motel accommodation, there are one to two bedrooms available for the guests. Sometimes tea, coffee, and cooking facilities are also provided. They also offer facilities like Television. Motels are for those who want good facilities and can afford the cost.
  • Hotels: Hotels are the same as motels in which a swimming pool, restaurant, sauna, spa, also included.
  • Apartments: If your client is staying in a town or city, an apartment in one of the right options. They can do household chores like cooking, laundry by themselves, and can enjoy their holiday.
  • Bed & Breakfasts: This type of accommodation is an excellent eclectic mix of hosts and houses. Bed and breakfast are entirely comfortable for travelers who want to stay for a day or two. They are just like a new friend who only has met you.
  • Luxury Lodges: If you want to take care of yourself, with dine-on fine gourmet cuisine and luxury food, then luxury lodges are meant for you. Luxury lodges give you the private golf, spa treatments, wilderness adventures, and many more facilities that your heart desire.
  • Boutiques and Lodges: Imagine waking up to a beautiful alpine vista or a freshwater lake, and this is what Boutiques and lodges provide you. Boutique and lodges are excellent accommodation for holidays. It encompasses a boutique guest house, location, service, spectacular facilities.
  • Homestays: If you want accommodation for your client, then Homestays are the best option. Hosts are happy to introduce your clients to locals who break their boredom. Your client will enjoy all the domestic facilities.
  • Holiday Parks and Campgrounds: Holidays parks provide you the sites for campervans, caravans, and tents. They may also possess a self-contained motel unit, simple cabin, and backpackers' lodges. Clients can choose the powered or unpowered site to set up a camp or parking a motorhome. This type of accommodation will also serve kitchen and bathroom facilities.
  • Farm stays: If you are interested in a real taste of rural, authentic farm life, what could be better than Farm stays. Farm stays are akin to bed & breakfast, just with few extra activities. It makes people feel like they belong to a farming family. It is impressive to visit farm stays with friends or children.

Check-in: Check-in is the process that occurs when a guest arrives at the hotel with proper verification. They must possess a valid id.

Check out: It is the process of leaving the hotel after returning the keys to the hotel receptionist.

Revenue management is the application of analytics that forecast consumer behavior at the level of the micro-market. The aim of revenue management to optimize the price and availability of products to enhance revenue growth. It focuses on selling the right product at the right time to the right customer at a reasonable price. Revenue management is essential to discipline as it allows the understanding of customer perception of product value and aligns it with product prices.

  1. Single room: Single rooms are assigned to one person. It has one or two beds. The size of the room is in the range of 37 m² to 45 m².
  2. Double room: Double rooms are for two people. It may also have one or two beds. The area of the room lies between 40 m² to 45 m².
  3. Triple room: The triple room is made for three people. It has three twin beds or one twin bed and one double bed or two double beds. The size of the room is in the range of 45 m² to 65 m²
  4. Quad room: The quad room is accommodation for four people. It may have two or more beds. The size of the room is generally between 70 m² to 85 m².
  5. Queen: This type of room has a queen-sized bed. It is assigned to one or more people. The room size is generally between 32 m² to 50 m².

Some other types of rooms are King, Twin, Hollywood twin room, Double-double room, Villa, etc.

A sommelier, also known as a wine steward, is a knowledgeable and trained wine professional. They work in a restaurant in which services like wine and food pairing are available. These restaurants also have all aspects of wine available.

Spillage term is defined as the rooms available in a hotel are sold way too quickly that they have forced to stop sales in advance of the date of interest. Usually, this can be seen in high season when facilities do not follow the revenue management strategies and try to be fully booked in advance so that they don't leave any room left to sell.

Flatware is flat tableware, for example, saucers and plates.

The cutlery is the cutting tool usually present in a kitchen to cut the foods—for example, forks, knives, and spoons. Cutlers are also used while serving food.

Holloware is any metal tableware that accompanies dishware on a table, such as sugar bowls, coffee pots, creamers, soup tureens, water jugs, butter pat plates, food cover, teapots, and many more items. It does not involve metal utensils or cutlery.

Online travel agency or OTA is a website that allows the customer to book tickets on the internet.

Continuously rendered services are the devices that are given to those customers who are physically available. This service is available for a specific time and has a time limit. It is face-to-face interaction. For example, restaurant service, reservation service, and massage, etc.

A concierge is an employee of a multi-tenant building who receives guests. They also manage the errands of private clients in a hotel or apartment building.

In this question, you can say that in such scenarios I use to put my ego aside, and honestly evaluate the situation, as objectively as possible. I apologize to the customer, and let them know that I have acknowledged the error that was made. Being truthful is important in a case like this and I let them know that we are working to fix the mistake.

Customer satisfaction is the fulfillment of service that a customer expects from a firm while doing business. It represents the happiness of a customer with their transactions with the company. A company wants the customer's loyalty to their product and always tries to meet customer needs.


The most important thing to become successful in Hotel management relies on whether a manager being able to motivate staff members to accomplish their own individual tasks and goals with gusto. Some of the other things that can help to become successful in Hotel management are as follows:

  • The hotel industry thrives on location.
  • Keep an eye on those reviews.
  • Generate great leads.
  • Give customers an innovative experience.
  • Keep your guests safe.
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate.
  • Give managers flexibility.
  • Be observant.