Embedded systems

If you are preparing for a Embedded systems interview, Must go through these questions series.Here you will find latest interview Questions and answers on Embedded systems Frameworks and tools.

Embedded System Programming.

Embedded systems are a combination of hardware and software. In embedded system software is firmware and is installed at the time of manufacturing hardware. Here you can read the Latest Interview Questions on Embedded Systems and Mainframe computers and 8051 microcontrollers.

Embedded System Programming

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VSAM Interview Questions

Virtual Storage Access Method (VSAM) is a highly efficient access method and data set structure, which builds and maintains data through a catalog structure and employs a virtual storage concept, and protects datasets at multiple levels by giving passwords. VSAM can be practiced in COBOL programs like sequential files and are the logical datasets for filing records. And also, files can be read sequentially and randomly in VSAM which is an enhanced way of storing data that succeeds in the limitations of traditional file systems like sequential files.

Microprocessor Interview Questions

A microprocessor is an electronic part used by a computer and is a central processing unit on a unique integrated circuit chip comprising millions of small elements including transistors, resistors, and diodes that run together. Microprocessors help from commanding elevators to search the Web.

Microprocessors were developed in the 1970s for control in embedded systems. Some microprocessors are called microcontrollers, so small and cost-less that they are used to control products like flashlights; few especially powerful microprocessors are employed in personal computers.

8051 Microcontroller Interview Questions

The Intel 8051 Microcontroller is one of the most popular general-purpose microcontrollers in use today. It is an 8-bit family of microcontrollers developed by Intel in the year 1981. This microcontroller was also referred to as a "system on a chip"

Raspberry Pi Interview Questions

Raspberry Pi is a low cost, credit-card sized computer that plugs into a monitor and employs a standard keyboard and mouse, which is a capable tiny device that lets people of all ages to search computing and to study how to program in languages like Scratch and Python. Moreover, it’s proficient in doing everything a desktop computer can do, from skimming the internet and presenting high-definition video, to making spreadsheets, word-processing, and playing games.

Embedded Systems Interview Questions

An Embedded System is a hardware system attached with software that is designed to perform a dedicated function or a specific task, either as an independent system or as a part of a large system. 

Mainframe Interview Questions

A mainframe is a type of computer that is typically used for large-scale data processing, such as by businesses and government organizations. Mainframes are known for their high performance, reliability, and security, and are able to handle large amounts of data and many users simultaneously. They are also often used for running mission-critical applications, such as financial transactions and airline reservations.