Elixir Interview Questions and Answers

Elixir shares the same abstraction as that of any other programming language for building the distributed and fault tolerance applications. Apart from that, many companies are also using it for web development and building embedded systems. Due to which there is a slight increase in demand of the candidates with Elixir knowledge.

Various companies are looking for candidates for the positions like software engineer, Python engineer, Elixir developer, Elixir full stack developer etc. So, the aspirants with knowledge of Elixir out there have a great opportunity to hit a home run and fly with high colors.

Before landing a job, it is mandatory for anyone to crack the interview. It is easy for a candidate to crack the interview if he/she does a complete analysis and learning of the subject before appearing for the interview.

Here we provide you with a few basic and fundamental questions that you may encounter during the interview. These interview questions will brush you up with the Elixir basics and make you strong at the fundamentals, which many recruiters seek in a candidate appearing for the interview.

Let’s hope that these questions help you in cracking the Elixir interview and in landing a job. So, get started for a bright future and successful career ahead. Best of luck, folks!

Top Elixir interview questions and answers