Data Structure Interview Questions

Data Structure Interview Questions

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Inheritance is the ability of a class to inherit the characteristics and properties of another class. This is one of the most significant features of the object-oriented programming language. There are mainly three modes of inheritance public, protected and private and two types of classes: subclass(the one which inherits) and the base or the superclass(from which inheritance is done). And there are five ways in which inheritance can be done.

Polymorphism in object-oriented programming is the capability by which an object is able to take on numerous different forms. Polymorphism is used mainly when a reference to a child class object is made by a parent class. In Java, each and every object can be polymorphic since they can all pass the IS-A test easily. This is because an object is said to be polymorphic when it can successfully pass the IS-A test.

When there are different methods in one class that have the same name but distinct parameters, overloading takes place. What happens at the time of overriding is that the methods have the same name as well as the same parameters. But one method here will belong to the parent class the other will belong to the child class. Also, these two are different types of concept as well, where overriding is the run-time type and the overloading is the compile-time type.

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