Why SEO is Important?

Sharad Jaiswal
Written by Sharad Jaiswal

Posted On: Sep 23, 2018

Why SEO is Important?


Why Search engine optimization is essential for websites

Before going deeply in understanding why SEO is important you should know what SEO is and how does it work! Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a method or technique used to increase website’s visibility through its results by increasing and improving SERP(Search Engine Result’s page ranking) and Alexa Ranking (Optimize Site’s ranking all over the Globe). In a quite simple way, Search Engine Optimization’s important view is to develop your website to that level which can be understood easily by both users and different search engines. A search engine has become so refined that sometimes they are unable to understand a website as we do.

A lot of web users use search engines to discover something or learn a new concept that has been eluding them. Thus, the search engine is the simplest tool utilized to locate the services they require. With the vast amount of people who are searching for products and services reaching even a mere 10 percent would translate into substantial revenues. For instance, if you are a florist based in the United Kingdom and have a Search engine optimized page- any web user who searches for florist UK, will be able to see your website. The chances that he will contact you for business automatically goes up. If the event of the user contacting the florist takes place- then business revenue is generated all at the click of a button. Yet from the numerous florists in the UK, how did a single one get identified on the internet? The answer to this lies in having a Search Engine Optimized website, which gets listed in the top results of the search engines. The increased visibility of the website helps generate business. Now if you think that only after presenting your website to the search engines like Google will drive an enormous amount of traffic to your website then I must say you cannot be more off track. You have to work to get your website listed in the pinnacle of the search engine result pages. And to get it done, you require SEO.

Why Does My Website Need SEO?

There are many ways individual looks for a product or service. Whilst people use social media to gain insights on a business, Search Engines are still the primary method used for most internet users. This is true if you’re selling a product through to providing information about your service and SEO is all about showing people you are an ‘Authority’ in your business. What do you get in return? Simply put CUSTOMERS

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