Easy Steps To add Schema Markup Data in your website


Posted On: Feb 22, 2018

Easy Steps To add Schema Markup Data in your website


Nowadays search engines are working on how to provide the best experience of search results to their users which will make them easier to find what they are searching. Search engines always try to give best and clear result to their users so that it will make them easier to find things on the internet for their almost every solution within few searches rather than spending their whole day searching for one thing. There are many ways that search engines use it for better result like users cookies storing, keywords matching and many more but this all things are not related to display the exact result what users or visitors are searching, it will help somehow to match the result and their search keywords entered by users but here where comes the biggest help from webmaster who always writes or provides articles, products through internet. Webmaster helps search engine to identify or understand their products, articles easily so that when a user enter some keywords to search something then search engine will display results according to users keywords by matching with the articles or products which are easy to understand.

So let me take an example of the most popular search engines like google and bing/yahoo. These search engines end up the result displaying not by only the keywords matching but many other techniques which makes them the top search engines. After Google claimed that they no longer use keywords to ranks website in their result the most popular way to get ranked and the user can be satisfied with that result was rich original relevant content(unique content). So after Google and other searching started displaying result only by the rich nice contents there was the huge race on writing new contents which must be unique but helpful too. And lots of beautiful things means anyone can be confused about which one to choose right?, so here what comes the name "schema markup data in your content or structured data of your website".

What is Schema Markup Data or structured data?

The simple answer is "Schema Markup Data means helping search engines to better understand the content on your website so that they can display result only to those users who are in search for it rather than messing things up". For example, if I search for something like: "How to use schema markup data on my website?" then google, bing/yahoo or other search engines will display the result not by only matching the keywords but also by scanning the contents which will be more helpful for what I am searching for. So schema markup data helps search engines to understand your website very well and display the best helpful result.

Does Schema Markup Data helps in search engine ranking?

The answer is "no" they don't. It only helps to understand what this is about. They cannot help you to be ranked in the top but this does not mean you should not use schema markup data just to be get understand by search engines. Schema markup data plays very important for being optimized because if you are a kind which is very easy to understand by all then you will definitely be loved by everyone. Let me give you an example what I am talking about is: I am searching for a product called "hair gel", there will be tons of results about hair gel but who knows which is best because my keywords only contain "hair gel" with no brand name or rating or amount. So if a website who sells product they will definitely have different kinds of brands with same product name but if they implement schema data like

<div itemtype="http://schema.org/Itemlist">
<link itemprop="url" href="url of product dealer site" />
<span itemprop="numberOfItems"># </span>
<div itemprop="itemListElement" itemscope=""
<img alt="Image of product" itemprop="image" src="image url" />
<a itemprop="url" href="url of brand site">
<span itemprop="name">Brand name </span> </a>
<span itemprop="review"> Ratings </span>
<span itemprop="price">20 USD </span>

This will help the search engine to understand if this result will be helpful for the user who is searching for it. If the review of the brand is very nice and price is low compare to other, if that product has its dealer contact info, and lot more small details like that will make search engine to understand it very well and yes if that result will be displayed then the user who is searching for it will be more satisfied. At some point, we can say if the contents of your website are so easy to understand then your ranking will be increased.

How to Implement Schema Markup Data?

At the very first if your website is about the product selling then you can see the above example how to implement markup data and you can also find more details about product marking with microdata in Schema.org
So here I am going to show you how I use microdata in my pages because my contents are not about products.
My contents contain title of what I am writing for and the steps or paragraphs about the title I am describing. So for me its very easy to implement microdata by:

<h1 itemtype="headline"> My content title </h1>
<img alt="Article Image" itemprop="image" src="image url" />
<span itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article">
<span itemprop="articleBody">
<p> All my contents goes here </p>

This is the simple example of microdata but there are lot more ways and your content may have many things on it like date published, author name, codes, image, video, music, and many more so you can visit Schema.org for more detail information about microdata. If you have any problem related to this topic, leave your comment so that I can help you.

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