PPC - Pay Per Click: 4 simple tips to improve your campaign


Posted On: Feb 22, 2018

PPC - Pay Per Click: 4 simple tips to improve your campaign


Pay Per Click short PPC is an old marketing form in online advertising. There are various advertising tools, such as Google Adwords, which are displayed in the search results above or right. The people click on it and thus arrive at a landing page called the landing page. But how does PPC work? Now through online advertising, such as Google AdWords, the marketers state how much they want to pay per user who clicks on their ad. Since it is an auction-based system, the advertiser gets the most for a particular keyword paid the most.

PPC has been one of the most used models for years to bring traffic to the website and it is not a children's game to build an effective PCC campaign you need not only a high budget, but you also need a right strategy. It is best to have experience in this area or to hire a PPC expert who will create and optimize your campaign.

PPC programs like AdWords offer easy ways to create and oversee your first ad. But I'm sure you do not like the Trail and Error method when a lot of money is at stake. In this article, I would like to show you some tips that will help you keep your PPC campaign up and improving it effectively.

Simple ways to improve your PPC campaign

1. Keywords

There are several things you can do with your keywords to increase your ROI (Return on Investment). Most beginners make an error when they set their keywords. You choose either too many keywords or keywords that do not match their target group. Although the inclusion of many keywords can increase the number of visitors, you can
expect people to visit you on your site, who will leave your page immediately after they have entered the page because they will not find what they are looking for.

The use of long tail keywords is important here. The success behind Long Tail Keywords is the user they often use because they increase their conversion rate and so do the buying process on their blog. They are also not so popular with PPC beginners, which means the cost per click is lower. In addition, you should include keywords with the plural in your list. Finally, make sure you use negative (negative) keywords. Negative keywords are very important to your AdWords campaign. They make your ads even more targeted.

2. Landing Page

The destination URL or landing page is the page where users land after they click on your ad. Please keep in mind that your homepage should not be used as a landing page. Create a simple landing page that focuses only on the things that you mentioned in your ad. For example, if you offer certain discounts for services, make sure you provide the details on your landing page.

Marks the things that matter. You should also provide your phone number (if you are doing a local business) and anything else that can be useful and helpful to your potential customers. Make sure you create a relevant landing page that supports your ads. The more relevant your landing page is, the better your result will be. Not only can you reduce the cost per click, but you also get a better position and attract more potential customers.

3. Target group

To increase the efficiency of your ads, make sure your target group is accurate. For example, if your target group addresses several countries, you should place an ad for each group. You should also include different ad groups depending on your age and gender for your potential customers. You can also take advantage of the features in PPC accounts, such as Google Adwords.

There are also functions where you can choose specific postal codes to decide where your ad should appear. Finally, keep the track of your ad. If your ad generates revenue only at certain times, it will turn on and turn it off only at these times.

4. Be accessible at all times

Check what your competitors, partners, suppliers, and customers do and adjust your bids accordingly. Keep track of the competition they offer to your brand to avoid losing potential customers. If someone starts to put your specific keywords, check first whether it's worth to bid on and do not engage in a battleship.

If you offer a better service, you will eventually land on the top, until then you should be satisfied with the second or third place. Learn to adapt and test. Do not set up a PPC campaign for fun and hope for the best. Many small businesses have failed to do this because they have not adhered to the basic stuff.

Even a small rise in the conversion rate or quality factor can have a big impact on your campaign. So stay up-to-date! If you have more tips to improve the effectiveness of a PPC campaign and how we can minimize the budget without minimizing the conversion rate, please let me know below in the comments.

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