Top 5 JavaScript Frameworks to learn in 2022


Posted On: Dec 29, 2021

Top 5 JavaScript Frameworks to learn in 2022


Top 5 JavaScript Frameworks to Learn in 2022

JavaScript is the latest buzz in the web development industry that is extensively used by the developers to develop sophisticated web applications that will be having rich client-side interactions. There are numerous options available when a developer selects to JavaScript as the language to write client-side scripting, so it becomes essential to select the right framework that not only supports features for your business algorithms but it should serve your business for the long run.

Today, when you are planning to develop a web application there are many things that you should consider before selecting the platform and the most important this is the mobile competition out there. You cannot ignore the presence of smartphones and should approach a company that can develop customized applications for both mobiles and PCs. However, before you think about those things let us understand some of the best Javascript frameworks for the development of web applications or learn in 2022.


This framework was introduced to the market in the year 2011 and from that time it has become the favorite application framework for the developers. This framework has been developed in such a way that developers can flawlessly manage numerous connections at a time. Networking tools also can be created using this framework.

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If you want to develop complex web applications using open source framework the React.js is the ideal platform for your development. This framework is maintained by a group of developers and Facebook. This is known to be more scalable, simple and has really good speed because of which professional developers recommend this framework for the development of web applications in 2022.

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If you want to add your Javascript to the HTML web page without using any special tags then Angular.js is the right platform. It has HTML extensions and also helps in some features of HTML through directives. This framework is popular as it helps in the development of dynamic web applications. It helps developers in saving a lot of time as they can make use of HTML as a template language.

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Vue.js is considered as one of the most flexible JavaScript frameworks that is used to build interactive user interfaces. The best part of the framework is that it allows the developer to integrate a project with other libraries and other projects. This enables the developer to create a single-page efficient application easily in lesser time.

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There are many other frameworks(you can check them from here) that are used by various web and mobile application development companies, but the above-mentioned frameworks were the top most popular JavaScript frameworks in the year 2022.


This is the ideal framework for the developers who just want to see the features that are useful for them. It is another open source framework that is very flexible but is very simple and developers find very easy to develop web applications using this framework that has made it very popular in 2022. Developers don’t need to have deep knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript because it has the feature of dynamic coding.

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