JavaScript Vs Typescript


Posted On: Feb 22, 2018

JavaScript Vs Typescript


JavaScript and TypeScript are reputed and much debated over topics among web developers. Instead of discussing the pros and cons of these two languages, it is better to differentiate between them. This is because both of these serve different purposes in the web development process. Ever since its appearance in 1995, JavaScript has made its mark as an ideal scripting language for web pages
Its biggest advantages are great front-end language and the ease of using it in the browser to make the websites reactive. It is also getting a lot of popularity for the visual representations, all thanks to JavaScript libraries like Dygraph.js, Polymaps.js, D3.js and more. Its increasing fame is also powered by a helpful community constantly monitoring its efficient use. But that does not mean TypeScript has no advantage over JavaScript in any scenario. In fact, JavaScript is a subset of TypeScript.

Following are some basic difference between Javascript and Typescript

It is a scripting language, which is used by web developers for browsers or server sides and even mobiles.It is an object-oriented programming language, which is not pure, unlike JavaScript.
Developers using JavaScript can't make use of TypeScript coding during the web development process.Developers have the freedom to choose between the syntax of JavaScript in his or her TypeScript code, as TypeScript is basically a superset of JavaScript.
Important and significant website elements such as UI/UX design and drop down boxes as well as search boxes can be intricately and competently set up with CSS and JavaScript. Due to its front-end skill, the server does not take any load, thus saving on hours of production time.It is a strongly typed variable with static typing. TypeScript brings in a completely new lot in extending the JavaScript capabilities with static typing.

JavaScript is more flexible during the development time as compared to TypeScript. It allows time in confirming the use of a certain object in a particular way. For instance, consider a before-after scenario and a single

Website page with a header, footer, text box, images and a sidebar. In the before version, the entire page needed to be uploaded to make any changes. But in the after version, if sidebar elements need reworking, developers can simply do it without overhauling the entire set up.

The purpose of using static typing is to eradicate the development errors to a great extent, much before code execution. Restrictions imposed on interacting with objects forces the developers to clearly specify things. A type of data has to be clearly defined in the beginning, apart from other parameters that make up the method. As a result, the tooling empowers the developer to detect the error much before the application is run. Modern tools make sure that any error is found out within the span of a second. Thanks to static typing, code stability and maintenance is not a hassle.
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TypeScript doesn't take away the dynamic capabilities of JavaScript. Instead, it rather shows and then just allows developers to make effective use of the static typing approach. Static typing sends out the error signals early as it catches them in the compile time. It helps developers a lot with discovering which objects work and don’t work during the program execution.

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