Comparison between JavaScript Top Frameworks react vs angular 2, vue js vs react, ember vs react


Posted On: Nov 26, 2022

Comparison between JavaScript Top Frameworks react vs angular 2, vue js vs react, ember vs react


Web development has been exponentially growing day by day due to various frameworks, UI interfaces, and templates being developed. The user and developer interface has features that you could exploit to a very large extent.
JavaScript has a number of frameworks and libraries with a variety of functions and features, some specific and some with most of the features embedded.

Today we will talk about 3 such Javascript Frameworks and interfaces for front-end developers, and compare their functions and features to know which would be better out of the three or which would be best in various circumstances.

Before I start comparing, I would like to point out a few questions that are suitable for your framework/libraries for your project:

  • Skills for a framework
  • Framework suitable for your task
  • Flexibility

Keeping these things in mind, you will need to decide the framework or interface or libraries that you need to choose.

Angular 5

Angular 5 is a JavaScript (TypeScript) framework used to develop websites for desktop and mobile applications. This has various features out of which, I will list the new ones in the updated version.

  • Progressive web applications concept.
  • Build an optimizer for irrelevant code elimination.
  • Increased compatibility for Material design components.
  • API and DOM support for code sharing between the server and client side.
  • Standardization by introducing pipers for numbers, dates, and currency.
  • Eliminates side effects of code-splitting and tree-shaking problems.

There are some cons to this framework too which you would need to know before making your choice.

  • You need to be well-versed in JavaScript to know your way around Angular 5.
  • Huge difference in versions after the update makes it more difficult for developers to work with
  • Limited to creating a single-page application

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React is a library used for JavaScript in user interface development but there is a common misconception about React being a framework.

With real-time updates and rendering of appropriate components when the data changes in a productive way. With encapsulated components being built, you could avoid a complex user interface.

React has excellent features such as:

  • Optimization work is nullified
  • Uses JavaScript which is easier than TypeScript
  • Flexible and interacts with different libraries with ease
  • Designed for the purpose of single-page applications

There are a few things you need to know which could affect your work in a bad way. You would need to know before you choose it:

  • React is known for the combination of JavaScript and HTML which results in some features being compromised
  • Difficult to learn quickly
  • React doesn’t offer all the exclusive features similar to that of Angular

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Vue.js is another framework that is relatively smaller and new to the web industry. This is a combination of both Angular and React features; taking the best out of the two and making it a new box called Vue.js.

With a versatile build, this cannot be categorized as a proper framework or library, but a combination of both, a hybrid if I may say.

We know what is Vue, but we need to how helpful is it with our work. Some of the excellent features are:

  • JavaScript, templates, and CSS are coded in separate
  • You could use the versions ES5, ES6 of JavaScript or even TypeScript
  • Is flexible and interacts with all other libraries with ease
  • Comprehensive and well-structured, easy for beginners

There are a few bad ones along with the good features. They are:

  • Due to dependency injection, Vue is at a disadvantage to Angular
  • Relatively new without any endorsements

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With all the information out on the table, it is your decision to select the right framework or library, or both to use it in your project. In this article, you have read about react vs angular 2 two most popular frameworks of Javascript.

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