Off-Page SEO Proven Techniques To rank Fast.

Mayank Kumar
Mayank Kumar

Posted On: Jun 05, 2020

Off-Page SEO Proven Techniques To rank Fast.


In this SEO tutorial we learn about some Off-Page Seo importance for the websites many of Seo experts agree that there is a very important role of Off Page Seo with this technique we should get some quality links to our websites, getting some good traffic, Page rank etc and for these achievements we should work on different Off-page Seo factors.

There are a lot of things which Off-page Seo covers like Directory submission, Article submission, Social networking, Forums posting, Social bookmarking etc. But I want to share you my personal experience in my Off Page SEO Tutorials that if you give first priority to Build quality link and comments and Social network than there is a lot off chance to get some good and quick results to your website or Blog. Don’t get me wrong other Off-page Seo are also their important places but my experience is that in a short time you get some good results through these two off page SEO techniques. Because there is a majority of people which thinks that Off-page Seo is getting enough time to show their performance to the websites or Blog and that’s why they don’t work on this very important Factor of Seo and not getting some good results for there websites.

Blog commenting is the easiest way to get some quality One-way links to our web pages. But before comments on any blog, you should remember one thing that comments on the blogs which should be related niche is better to getting increase some quality Back-links and also help us to get some good amount of traffic through comments.

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Some important tips before commenting on any blog.

1. Write a genuine and related comment to the blog otherwise it's just a waste of time because maybe Moderator not approved your comment.

2. Give a strong comment which gets the user to visit your website. This is a good way to get some valuable traffic.

3. If you think that admin feels your presence to there blog ask them for Link exchange.

4. Post in that blog which may get page rank 1.

These are some technique which is following a lot of users to get a link from High Pr to related to there Niche.
It is important for you to search for do follow blogs before you start the commenting process. But it does not mean that no follow blogs are nothing because Yahoo and their partner site Ask consider no follow blogs as backlinks.

Social networks are another good way to get connected you and your blogs to the peoples you schools friends and they are also a good tool for your blog in other ways you say now it’s necessary to use some good social networks. There are some of useful social networks site to get start Facebook, Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon, Flickr, Delicious, LinkedIn etc. These all help you get the increase in your traffic also participate in some High ranks Forums which is good for your Blog. These are some Off-page Seo factors which are enough to get the start and have some good results.

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