How to Interpret a candidate through Interview Questions


Posted On: May 23, 2022

How to Interpret a candidate through Interview Questions


The interview questions are extremely proficient in order to read a candidate's mind. You also get to know his or her subject expertise and intelligence through these questions. In spite of the brilliance and the skills in the required field, the priceless qualities like trust, adaptability, honesty, and obedience also matter. There is a wide range of questions which can measure the depth or intelligence in one's brain. The major challenge faced is to prioritize the efficiencies and intelligence on one hand and the human qualities on the other hand.

Candidate Interpretation: Session 1

This is the initial phase with your selection procedurals. The entire selection begins from the resume and you have to sort it accordingly. The breakdown of this session is as

  • Phase 1: It might include a General test or personal evaluation of the potential candidate.
  • Phase 2: Under this segment, the psychological aspects and understanding of the candidate can be judged. It is preceded by the interview questions for employers then.

Candidate Interpretation: Session 2

The candidates who have successfully gone through the session 1 are allocated with the session 2.

This would certainly include the questions round. It will help to sort the candidates on various filters. A single piece of paper won't let you know much about the candidate. On this extent, interview questions play an important role. You get to know the candidate personally and professionally. The psychological aspects and basic humoral thinking can also be judged through the simple or trickiest questions. The basic and field-specific questions are listed below.

* Fundamental questions

There are some evergreen questions that are never outdated. No matter what field is, any of the candidates can be asked these basic questions. The interview questions for employers in this basic fragment are -

  • What is your strength?
  • Tell me something about yourself?
  • What is your weakness?
  • What according to you is an ideal company?
  • Why we should hire you?
  • What do you know specifically about our company?
  • Why are you leaving the current job?
  • The hurdles which you are facing with your present job?

* Field-oriented questions

There might be various requirements in the department whether it is technical, administration, accounts, designing or HR. Each field is acknowledging its extreme skills and the questions will help you to a greater extent. Not always the smartest answers or questions will get the job. Sometimes the skills and intelligence will play a big role. The interview questions for employers in this specific case is followed as -

  • How did you manage this field in your previous job?
  • Have you ever worked on this software?
  • Do you have any solutions for a generic company accounts?
  • How would you manage streamlined employees and conflicts between the capable colleagues?
  • How do you keep yourself updated with the new technologies and software?
  • What are the fields of your personal interest?

* Financial interrogation

Under the segment, you can ask the candidate about the salary-related things. It will also create transparency amongst both of you. A candidate will feel more comfortable and will get his mind clear towards your approach. Even you will also get a clean idea and convenience with your hiring. The interview questions for employers within this segment are-

  • What is the figure amount which you are seeking for this job?
  • What was the hierarchy of your salary earlier?
  • Would you sign a bond with us regarding your salary?
  • Are you expecting increment and incentives with any time duration?

* Specified interview questions

Well, these types of questions are less predictable. You can put these questions in front of the candidate to know their behavioral or professional Outlook. These questions revolve around the personal zone of a candidate. It can let you get to know more about the candidate's personality. The interview questions for employers with this segment are-

  • Where did you fail in your job for the project? Did you learn anything from it?
  • Does peer pressure affect you?
  • What was the most crucial period in your life and how did you overcome it?
  • Did you ever take advantage of anybody's innocence or disability?
  • What is your genuine idea about hard work?
  • If you ever get indulged into something unlawful by your colleague, how you respond towards it?
  • What is your idea of motivation for performing the multidimensional task with limited time?

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The entire selection procedure is based on how to select the best out of all candidates. The selection procedure rules have to go through the test of loyalty, independence, and stability of a candidate.

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