Don't Underrate Following up: The most important interview aspect


Posted On: Feb 22, 2018

Don't Underrate Following up: The most important interview aspect


We all are well aware of the fact that it's really hard to crack an interview and to reach a stage where you think the job is yours. After all the tough interview questions and answers, another tough challenge which is in front of you is the waiting time. The time limit where you have to certainly wait for your turn is unlimited, it can be the very next moment you have finished the interview or can take more than a week. Probably this is annoying for few of the candidates which in turn force them to do a not so polite thing. If you are also struck in something like this, then need not to worry.

The most crucial things which we almost neglect available jobs search is the follow-up. It's like if we have given the exam and ignored when the results will be out. Follow-up will necessarily assemble your interest and could possibly help you to know the outcomes. You can also turn the table on for the recruiters highlighting again why you are qualified for this particular job. Just keep in mind you have to do all this in very sophisticated means so that you may not ruin all that you have done earlier.

There are certainly a few ways which will guide you towards this. Follow them:

  • CONNECT WITH THE RECRUITERS - At present times if your online presence is remarkable then don't take a step back. Find the recruiters on the platforms like LinkedIn and many more. Just don't forget to ask their permission in advance. Present a logical reason behind your connection so that the other person might not land into the confusion. You can suggest them new strategies for their current project or you can forward them a link related to it. Remember you are not doing all this in order to befriend anyone. It has to be more or less just professional. You can drop them a message asking for a connection or could just ask decently just after the interview also because this is not included in tough interview questions and answers.
  • APPROACH AT THE APPROPRIATE TIME - As you have already faced tough interview questions and answers session probably you have reached a stage where you admit the fact that things can work effortlessly. Ask what procedures are to be followed next, this will give you enough time. If there is still some formal procedures has to be done, then you can even ask without hesitation that when they will get back to you. So that you can remind them if the date has gone or if they have missed in case. You can do this in a polite manner and it will not appear needy.
  • THANK YOU NOTE - This would make you stand out of the queue. A thank you email or note will represent your enthusiasm for the post which you have approached. It can also make it easier for the recruiters to make their own choices. As you will initiate this the panel will get to know that you are concerned and proactive. In exchange, you can even get a conversation or a suggestion. Address the additional points which make you appropriate for the job, if you can. But prior to it thank the panel and recruiters for the well-organized system and their investment in you.
  • REINFORCE THE FOLLOW UP - Know the value of your hard work and the efforts you made for the tough interview questions and answers. Never forget to reinforce the follow up for your interview. You can say that this is also a crucial part responsible for you are hiring. It will also boost up your interest and can provide you with the long-term benefits if start working for that company. This clearly doesn't mean to be annoying or pretending to be in extreme need.

How you are proceeding after the interview will subsequently represent your perception and can withstand you. You have to absolutely keep it sophisticated and short with no additional efforts. Also, pay attention that you have already mentioned all the qualifications in the interview. You don't have to do it twice. None of your action should offend the recruiters. The emails which you are sending should be very short comprising just your interrogative prospects. We wish you luck then!!

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