How to deny a job offer in Positive Way

How to deny a job offer in Positive Way

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  • 06th Jun, 2020

Denial of a job offer is what most of us have faced in our lives. These days, we are given multiple options to apply for jobs. On a very high note or when we are in requirement of jobs, we tend to apply at several places. In your initial session with interview questions to ask, your answer might be committing. This somehow increases your possibilities of being selected also. Trouble arises when you have three to four options in your pocket and then you have to make up your choice. There are several ways to turn it around with no hard feelings or professional drawbacks to either you or the company.

Let us have a look over a few tips to deny a job offer.

  • NEVER PLAY A WAITING TIME - Once you are up to the decision of declining the offer, don't unnecessarily hold the employer. This will create a sense of transparency for you and the other hand as well. Try to cover the end of the session with a neat and clean answer. Keeping them waiting for too long in spite of your knowledge is not professionalism. During the session of interview questions to ask, you can mention it as well.
  • DON'T IGNORE GENERALIZED CONTACT - One of the very prominent mistakes which most of the candidates do is to avoid contact from the authority. Whether you are accepting the job or not, it can affect your personal relationship with anyone and more prior it is likely to be a professional one. If you have to make up your mind to leave or deny the offer, of course, go ahead but try to be in touch so that when the time gets favorable you can turn it to be fruitful.
  • DON'T SPECIFY MUCH - Let us get well aware of the fact that at a certain level you have to prefer professionalism much. There could be many reasons behind your denial for the offer. If yours is not worth mentioning don't unnecessarily build castles in the air. No matter the consequences, there should be justifiable reason over the table to discuss. Mention your reason but sum up quickly with the smart act. You cannot simply say that you are not satisfied with the package or you have found another offer, all at once.
  • A REJECTION LETTER - In case if you are not willing to face the employer or to make a telephonic conversation you can simply go with a rejection letter. It will include only the basic details following a formal pattern. In very few words you can describe your rejection and could add a sophisticated reason. It will leave a healthy impact and you will be saved from the face to face meet up. During interview questions to ask session you can specify it as well.
  • SHOW GRATITUDE - Follow a very sophisticated and positive way to present your denial. Use the kind words like please, thank you and other such words. You can thank them for trusting you and providing the platform for you to perform. Even if you know any of the weakest points of the company, don't drag it in a negative way. Just because you want denial from the offer doesn't mean with superiority or inferiority. It may also mean that at present you are not the one sitting here.
  • ALWAYS ADMIT THE TRUTH - It might be awkward or embarrassing for you at the starting because of the previous commitments you have made during the interview questions to ask session. But if you are clear with your denial it would leave a good impact on the concerned person. Keep your point clear if you are getting a better offer from some other company or many facilities, you can definitely let them know.

Keep in mind that your tactful and honest answers will definitely leave an impact and you can hope for the best future outcomes. Admitting the actual condition will save the time of yours and you can be considered as the very essential prospect towards professionalism. If you are precisely not certain about your joining you can present it during the interview questions to ask for. Just never forgot to mention the time which they invested in you. In general cases, people will appreciate the individual or organizational growth, so don't hesitate about your denial specifically.

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