How Does A MongoDB Developer Certification Benefit Your Career

Raghava Rao
Raghava Rao

Posted On: Feb 22, 2018

How Does A MongoDB Developer Certification Benefit Your Career


MongoDB is an open-source DBMS (database management system). It was founded by 10gen in 2009, a startup company under Kevin Ryan, Dwight Merriman, and Eliot Horowitz. The inspiration came when they were not able to find a DBMS platform for implementation on the cloud.

As of now, MongoDB has several new features. The framework offers you with a better option than MapReduce. According to users, MongoDB is easy to work on and has made significant improvements in the performance. In the 2.4 series, a function to search texts is due. The processing of the DBMS is now smoother and faster, unlike before.

As a professional with MongoDB certification, you can join clubs. Through these clubs, you are invited to attend events, conferences, and get the latest happenings in MongoDB. This way, you can develop your understanding of the subject. It can have an immense effect on your career.

Which Certifications are worth enrolling? Those individuals who are interested in enrolling in the MongoDB certification can do so by registering in the MongoDB University. The MongoDB University is authorized to impart training programs and certifications for MongoDB.

The training program comes with two parts, which are Database Administrators (DBAs) and Database Developers.

Database Administrator: A Database Administrator is somebody can manage the MongoDB. They have the skills and knowledge in handling the configuration, backup, recovery, processes, and know how to fine-tune its performance and monitor it continuously.

Database Developer: A Database Developer is somebody who is trained and skilled in handling more than one programming language. The programming language is usually associated with the MongoDB driver.

These individuals also know how to operate essential functions like reading, Create, Delete and Update, which is known as the MongoDB CRUD. Apart from that, they also know how to perform other tasks like replication, scaling, aggregation, and indexing.

Three Levels of MongoDB Certification

The certification programs come in three categories. They are Professionals, Associates, and Masters. The Associates is the basic level. The Professionals is the secondary level. The Masters training program gives the candidates the final certificate.

At present, only the Associate level course is available for study. The remaining two courses are in their developmental stages and should be out soon. The cost for appearing for the MongoDB exams is $150 each.

It is affordable and, keeping the interest of the candidate in mind, taken online. With the help of Examity (which is a company that specializes in providing material for students), you can take the exam.

Students should have a PC or laptop that is in working condition. You need to have a high-speed Internet connection, a webcam, and a headset. These are the basic requirements for any coursework.

MongoDB DBA Associate Certification The MongoDB DBA Associate certification is for students who have a working knowledge of MongoDB. You should have a basic understanding of its mechanics and concepts. The audience is individuals who are professionals who have worked on MongoDB and are looking to refine their working skills and abilities on MongoDB.

Candidates who are appearing for the exam must have some training and database concept knowledge. You should also have basic working knowledge on JavaScript programming and system programming.

You can also expect topics like server administration, application administration, indexing, CRUD operations, aggregation, sharding, and replication.

MongoDB Developer Associate certification The MongoDB Developer Associate Certification targets individuals who have worked with MongoDB and designed platforms. The certification course aims to help them fine-tune their skills and capabilities in managing and handling MongoDB.

Those who want to register for the certification program must have working experience in system programming, database concepts, software development, JavaScript knowledge. Some of the questions based on topics like indexing, aggregation, sharding, data modeling, and performance. A candidate should have attended a training course.

Top 5 Benefits of Taking MongoDB Certification! The demand for certified and trained MongoDB professionals is high in the market. Candidates stand a good chance for employment with a certification. Those of you planning to join a course in MongoDB are set in the right track. The field or line you are in currently does not matter.   Firms and organizations, which are using MongoDB in their business, require qualified professionals for technical and consulting services. When they expect updates and repairs, they will call a technician who knows how to work on these.   The exam is priced only at $150, which is reasonable. The pricing is ideal for students and working professionals alike. Candidates once enrolled get an official study guide, which can help them learn the concepts better. A subscription service comes with a license of the products and features including monitoring; MongoDB Enterprise, security features, and professional support are provided. The consulting services offered by MongoDB are top-rated. It comes as no surprise that professionals who have adequate experience and knowledge in the software are required in the market. Hence, a certification course can help you achieve a stable job and excellent career prospects.

Job Opportunities and Training Resources

If you have excellent skills and capabilities in using MongoDB, then you stand to be hired in big firms and organizations. The positions are mostly developers and administrators. These are permanent jobs, and the chances of being promoted are always there.

In America alone, there are close to 7,000 open positions in both large and small firms. Individuals with a certification or training in MongoDB have a better chance of being hired. When you register for the training program, you get a study guide, online course, and other training services. To give the MongoDB exam successfully, you need to go through the study material, which can be got free from MongoDB University.

Enrolling in the MongoDB certification program comes with immense benefits. You will not find a program that is priced cheap and has excellent career prospects. If you still have not registered for the course, then please do so today and reap the rewards.

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