What are difference between React Native and NativeScript?

  • Posted by Sharad Jaiswal

    Difference between React Native and NativeScript

    Both React Native and NativeScript are amazing frameworks. Both frameworks are part of the new generation cross-platform mobile frameworks that are NOT using the browser to package it into Native app. Works did by both of teams are excellent, but to list here are some differences between NativeScript and React Native.

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    NativeScript React Native
    Responsive, helpful community. Responsive, helpful community.
    No 'real' production usage Proven production usage.
    Maintained by a small company. Maintained by a huge company.
    Less popular Popular.
    Older than React Native Newer than NativeScript

    Further Reading https://www.quora.com/What-are-the-key-difference-between-ReactNative-and-NativeScript

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