15 Tools and Libraries For Angular 5 Developers


Posted On: Nov 26, 2022

15 Tools and Libraries For Angular 5 Developers


Angular 5 was released earlier this year which took the market by surprise. Although previous versions have been in the market for quite some time, this new version beats them all by a mile.
The new extensive features help Angular js developers to build an application faster with a stable environment.
Today, we will discuss various tools and libraries that are essential for an effective Angular 5 project. Tools and libraries can be classified into 5 sectors based on their functions and features.
I will today discuss the tools categorized in these 5 sections, which will help you further to implement these tools in your project in a smart and efficient way.


There are various tools and packages that fall into this category. Some of the most commonly used and essentials ones are:

  • Angular IDE – Default IDE that comes with Angular 5, which is best suited for beginners. It is a powerful tool for experts.
  • Visual Studio Code – This is a free tool used for editing and debugging web applications. This tool is compatible with Angular 5.
  • Webstorm – This is a node.js favorable powerful IDE. This is used for both client-side and server-side development. A lightweight yet effective tool, which is essential and built for Angular 5.

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This category is the very definition of a tool. An additional package is used for a very specific function or feature.
The most essential ones that are used with Angular 5 are:

  • Angular CLI – Default CLI that is in the Angular 5 package helps to create and develop applications to make its deployment ready. This is best suited for developers at a beginner level.
  • Universal – Best and most essential server-side rendering tool for angular 5. This tool is used by all projects in Angular 5. It does most of the rendering work to avoid any complications.
  • NinjaCodeGen Angular CRUD generator – This tool generates several types of CRUD applications with complete end-to-end testing using template sets for Angular 5, bootstrap, and many other UIs.


Libraries used in creating and developing applications are unique for every project. The most common libraries are:

  • Angular Fire – A default library for Firebase and Angular, which acts as a data library for all your Angular 5 projects.
  • Angular Commerce – This library is used mainly to build e-Commerce applications with Google Firebase.
  • Meteor – This library is used for building a multi-device compatible full stack JavaScript application.

UI components

User Interface is the face of your application, which interacts with the consumer. This has to look excellent. To ensure it does, we use various tools to make it a delightful experience.
Essential tools to achieve this are:

  • Amexio – A rich set of components powered by Bootstrap for a responsive design which includes data grids, tree grids, tabs and many more options.
  • DevExtreme - with more than 50+ UI components, DevExtreme has multi-purpose controls for creating a responsive web application.
  • ng-bootstrap – A typescript library built using the Bootstrap 4 CSS framework.

Cross-Platform Development

As the category says, different platforms have different tools and you could use the same tool for 2 platforms.
Some of the exciting ones are:

  • Ionic – Mobile-optimized HTML CSS and JS component to build an interactive and progressive application.
  • NativeScript – Ability to build applications for Android and native iOS with Angular and TypeScript.
  • Windows (UWP) – Universal windows application powered by Angular 5 used to build only windows applications in no time.

Few of the most essential and necessary library and tools for Angular 5 have been presented to you here.
It is your decision to choose the right tool for the right purpose. I hope you were able to understand the importance and uses of all the tools mentioned.

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