Why Angular JS is one of the popular JavaScript frameworks


Posted On: Feb 22, 2018

Why Angular JS is one of the popular JavaScript frameworks


Top 7 key features of Angular js.Why AngularJS is one of the popular Javascript frameworks

In the era of the online shopping, every fact wants to create their presence online. This is why it can create unprecedented demand for web developers. There are many web development platforms available in the market. The point is to select the right platform from the available list. Frankly, AngularJS is there for the last eight years, and in the recent time, it’s popularity reach to its pick. AngularJS is an open source web application framework which uses the combination of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

AngularJS offers a solid JavaScript framework which was designed and developed by some expert developers from Google too. This outsourcing web development tool comes with plenty of frameworks and plugins for designers and developers. Today it is really difficult to create a single page app by not using AngularJS. It supports web developers to create easily updatable applications.

Here, are some reasons behind the popularity of the AngularJS.

Google develops AngularJS:

The best about AngularJS is that Google develops it. There are surely many other JS frameworks which may work but those platforms not able to provide adequate support to the professionals. But the fact that this framework has been developed and updated Google experts which give more weight over other frameworks.

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Large professional developer’s community:

AngularJS has a large community which includes members of the core development team and new bee developers who want to fixes or suggest a few changes for this open-source framework. Moreover, there are plenty of books and online resources on AngularJS are available for the developers.

MVC Architecture:

This web development framework uses MVC architecture for building dynamic web apps. For implementing MVC, all the developer needs to do is to split their app and rest all is managed by the AngularJS framework.

Declarative code style:

The declarative coding method used for developing patterns in AngularJS. It also helps to make the entire coding lightweight, and easy to read.

Simplicity for testing:

It is also one of the simplest tools for besting developed web apps. In this framework, it is possible to separate module from loading only necessary services and effectively performing automatic testing. Furthermore, if the outsourcing web developer following one file one module rule thus, the developer not needed to remember module loading order.

Best Client-Side Solution:

It allows outsourcing web developers to offer the best client-side support for desktop and mobile users. Moreover, this framework can be used for every type of the project because there are no backend modifications required. That’s the reason why it is widely used safely for developing the front end of any application.

AngularJS is the best choice as it supports JavaScript framework which also allows advanced web application development. It’s certainly the best tool for building single page applications which improve a web user experience by simplifying navigation and presenting data in a unique way. Thus, we can say that selecting outsourcing AngularJS Development Services is certainly the best option.

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