What steps you follow as a designer while designing a Machine?

Sharad Jaiswal
Sharad Jaiswal

Posted On: Sep 01, 2020


There are no specific rules for machine designing but it is not also a random process. Below are the important steps that are followed by the Engineer or Designer. Let’s have a look:

  • Understand the Requirements: The primary step is understanding the purpose of the design. In this step, the designer makes a full list of the problems and a piece of brief information about the purpose or aim of the design for which the project is proposing.
  • Analyze and Evaluate the Design Mechanism: In this process, designers analyze and draw the different mechanisms for the machine. After that, the best one gets selected and the rest are rejected.
  • Analysis of Forces: The next step is analyzing every component of the machine. It needs to analyze how these parts fit in each other and what forces act on each component. In this step, the transmission of energy is also checked.
  • Design of Elements: This step is very crucial in machine designing as a designer needs to check the different stresses acting in this operation. As we know, all the parts or components of the machine are subject to stress and because of this, these stresses become important to design the machine properly. This step is useful to design a machine that is durable and can endure the stress properly.
  • Material Analysis and Selection: Selection of appropriate material for the machine component is another step after the stress analyzed.
  • Design Iteration for Manufacturing: Design can be changed without affecting the machine’s performance. This process helps in the easy manufacturing of the product.
  • Creation of Detailed Mechanical Drawings: The next step is the creation of drawing with every little detail. This step also involves the assembly of the machine. Using the CAD capabilities for the details can play a big role in this process.

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