What are types of screws?

Sharad Jaiswal
Sharad Jaiswal

Posted On: Sep 01, 2020


There are many types of screws that are used for several purposes. Some of them are mentioned below:

  1. Wood screws: As the name suggests, wood screws are used to join two or more solid objects together. Their sharp pointer allows them to dig deep into the wood. Therefore, wood screws play a great role in woodworking applications.
  2. Machine screws: A machine screw is a type of screw that is extremely useful in machining applications. The function of the machine screws is to hold the heavy-duty metal objects together. Machine screws are bigger than any other type of screws.
  3. Concrete screw: This screw is made of stainless or carbon steel and is widely used for fastening materials to concrete.
  4. Masonry screw: This type of screws mostly have a blue color coating and as the name suggests, it is used to insert a pilot hole in masonry.
  5. Double-ended (dowel) screw: This type of screw has two pointed ends and no head. This screw is mostly used for making hidden joints between two pieces of timber.
  6. Drywall screw: This type of screw can easily be recognized as they are coated with black phosphate and designed with a bugle head. It is used to attach drywall to timber or metal studs.

There are some other types of screws like Drive screw, Eyebolt, Decking screw, lag screw, chipboard screw, mirror screw, twin fast screw, security head screw, etc. which are widely used.

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