What is the difference between the scalability and elasticity?


Posted On: Feb 22, 2018


We have described the differences in the table given below:

CapacityIt increases or reduces the capacity to handle the workload.It only increases the capacity to handle the increasing workload.
ResourcesIn this, the current demand for resources matches closely with available resources.In this, the available resources may exceed the current demand to meet future demands.
WorkloadIt adapts both increasing as well as decreasing workload by allocating resources in that manner automatically.It adapts only increasing workload and handle it with increasing resources.
Handling WorkloadIt handles the varying workload with the use of computer resources dynamically.It handles the increasing workload with’ increasing the power of computer resources.
ScalingIt includes “Scaling Up” or “Scaling down” depends on the variation of workload.It includes “Scaling Up” or “scaling out” for capacity to serve workload.
DurationIt enables the corporate to meet demands for services with short termsIt works on long terms, strategic schemes.

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