What is a cloud service and explain different types of cloud?


Posted On: Feb 22, 2018


Cloud service is highly beneficial to build the applications as it provides serves in a network often on the internet. These services provide flexibility to the application and lower the complexities of its management. Different types of Cloud are: -

Professional cloud: It is used by various companies and organizes for the following reason: -

  • To plot a cloud computing structure
  • Maintain and supply the cloud computing base
  • A plot for safety and acquiescence
  • Investigate and enhance technological and marketing methods
  • Pilot fulfilments of cloud structure
  • Assure resolution and action dependability

Personal cloud: It is a network type storage cloud. This type of cloud is for the individual or small companies where they can store their data, keep them secure and also back up their data anytime they want. It is a device attached based cloud computing. Seagate Personal Cloud media storage is a perfect example of a Personal cloud.

Performance cloud: It is one of the cloud computing which helps in management. It is used to evaluate different stats and tests for cloud computing so that it can function more properly and also can be improved where ever it can be.

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