What is ember route? How can you generate a route in ember.js?


Posted On: Feb 22, 2018


An ember route is built with three parts:

  1. An entry in the Ember router which maps between our route name and a specific URI.
  2. A route handler file, which sets up what should happen when that route is loaded.
  3. A route template, which is where we display the actual content for the page.

In ember when we want to make a new page that can be visited using a URL, we need to generate a “route” using Ember CLI. Hence the generator will print out:

  1. Installing route
  2. Create app/routes/about.hbs
  3. Create app/templates/about.hbs
  4. Updating router
  5. Add route about
  6. Installing route test

To define a route, run ember generate route route-name. This command will generate a file name route-name.js in app/routes/ folder.

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