What are the limitations of Selenium IDE?


Posted On: Feb 22, 2018


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    Answered by Satyam Jaiswal

    Some of the limitations of selenium include:

    • Selenium is an open-source software depends on communal forums in resolving technical issues.
    • There is no room for automation testing for all desktop applications.
    • To effectively automate tests, a high-level of skill sets are required by Selenium.
    • There is no room to carry out automation tests on REST and other Web services.
    • There is an absence of a built-in object repository to maintain elements that are located at the center in selenium. Nevertheless, with the page object model, overcoming this limitation is possible.
    • Performing tests on images is not possible.
    • The time used in creating a test environment is much when compared to RFT, UFT, and other vendors.

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