What are the different types of classes in the API component?


Posted On: Feb 22, 2018


The classes are:

  • DriverManager:
  • The linkage between the user and driver is provided by the DriverManager. IT is used to keep track of the drivers which are available. It also performs the function of handling by building a relationship between an appropriate driver and the database. This driver comprises many methods that are efficient to maintain the linkage between the drivers and the users.
  • Blob:
  • Blob servers as Binary Large OBject which signifies the factory of binary data stores as a single entity in the database management. Blobs are basically is the images, audio, multimedia objects, or may be executable code.
  • Club:
  • Club serves as Character large object. The main purpose of the Club is to store the character data files. Clob is used by several database management. The main difference between the clob and blob is that blob represents binary data while clob represent character files.
  • SQLException:
  • SQLException is an Exception class which provides information about the data access error.

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