Photosynthesis MCQPhotosynthesis MCQ

  1. How Does Photosynthesis Benefit Heterotrophs?
  2. What Two Materials Are Needed For Photosynthesis?
  3. Which Organisms Perform Photosynthesis?
  4. Which Organelle Performs PHOTOSYNTHESIS?
  5. What Process Occurs When Light Energy Is Captured In Autotrophs And Converted Into Sugar?
  6. What Is The Correct Equation For Photosynthesis?
  7. Which Of The Following Is An Example Of An AUTOTROPH?
  8. What Is The Ultimate ORIGINAL Source Of Energy For Living Things
  9. What Is The Main Product Of Photosynthesis?
  10. What Is The Food Manufacturing Process In Plants?
  11. What Molecule Absorbs Sunlight For Photosynthesis?
  12. Where Does Photosynthesis Take Place?
  13. What Are The Products Of Photosynthesis?
  14. Where Does A Plant Get Carbon Dioxide From?
Photosynthesis MCQ
  • It adds carbon dioxide to the air.
  • It creates a source of energy they can eat.
  • It creates clean water.
  • It eliminates harmful sugars.
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  • Water and soil.
  • Carbon dioxide and water.
  • Carbon dioxide and chlorophyll.
  • Peanut butter and jelly.
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  • Only Autotrophs
  • Only Heterotrophs
  • Autotrophs and Heterotrophs
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  • C6H12O+ 6O--> 6CO2 + 6H2O
  • 6CO2 + 6O--> C6H12O + 6H2O
  •  6CO+ 6O--> 6H2O + C6H12O6
  • 6CO2 + 6H2O  -->  6O+ C6H12O6
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  • reparation

  • glucose

  • chlorophyll

  • photosynthesis

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  • chloroplast
  • thylakoid
  • grana
  • chlorophyll
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  • The leaves.
  • The roots.
  • The branches.
  • The kitchen.
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  • water and carbon dioxide
  • oxygen and glucose
  • oxygen and carbon dioxide
  • oxygen and water
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  • A plant gets carbon dioxide from the soil.
  • A plant gets carbon dioxide from the air.
  • A plant gets carbon dioxide from the water.
  • A plant gets carbon dioxide at the Shell gas station.
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  • Water, air, and sunlight.
  • Water, soil, and sunlight.
  • Water, soil, and air.
  • Love, family, and Cheetos.
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  • hydrogen
  • oxygen
  • nitrogen
  • carbon dioxide
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  • Chlorosynthesis
  • Chlorophyll
  • ADP
  • Electron Transport
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