List the various protocols utilized in the messaging layer in WCF


Posted On: Feb 22, 2018


Some of the principally used protocols in the message layer in WCF include the following:

  • Encodes: It gives the quantity of encodes to message.
  • Exchange stream Channel: It characterizes the model in which a message is executed.
  • HTTP Channel: It determines which HTTP is to be utilized for conveying a message.
  • Named Pipe Channel: It empowers between procedure correspondence (IPC).
  • MSMQ Channel: It empowers administrations to between work the MSMQ Applications.
  • TCP Channel: It determines that TCP is utilized for conveying the message.
  • Ws-Reliable Messaging Channel: This convention offers assurance to convey the message over channels.
  • WS-Security Channel: It empowers to verify the message by actualizing the WS-security determination in the informing layer of an administration.

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