Describe the WCF architecture


Posted On: Feb 22, 2018


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    WCF is built on top of .NET 2.0 Framework. You can see WCF as a set of classes that allows developers to build service-oriented applications. The architecture of WCF is layered.

    It mainly consist of 4 Layers i.e contracts, Service runtime, Messaging, and Activation and hosting.

    1. Contract Layer: There are 4 types of contracts available in WCF.

    • Service Contract
    • Data Contract
    • Message Contract
    • Policies and Bindings

    2. Service runtime: There are 5 different types of service runtime behaviors available in WCF, They are

    • Throttling Behavior
    • Error Behavior
    • Metadata Behavior
    • Instance Behavior
    • Transaction Behavior
    • Dispatch Behavior

    3. Messaging: This layer defines the formats and data exchange during service communication. There are 2 types of messaging channels are available:

    • Transport Channels
    • Protocol Channels

    4. Activation and hosting: You can host WCF applications in multiples ways some of them are

    • Self-hosting
    • IIS hosting
    • WAS hosting
    • Windows service hosting

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