List the categorization areas of Vmware that you are aware of. Tell us about one such category.


Posted On: Feb 22, 2018


  1.  Hypervisor
  2. Fault Tolerance
  3. Virtual Networking
  4. Vcenter server
  5. Virtual storage(datastore)
  6. New elements in vSphere six
  7. Content libraries
  8. vSAN
  9. vApp
  10. Miscellaneous

A virtualization layer that enables multiple operating systems to share a single Hardware host is called Hypervisor. The host allocates physical resources like memory, storage, CPU, etc. to the Virtual Machine or operating system. The hypervisors are of two types:-

  • Hosted Hypervisor, it works as a VMware Workstation application.
  • Bare-metal, it includes virtualization software i.e VMvisor, Hyper V, is directly installed into the hardware and controls all physical resources.

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