State the properties of a clone and template in VMware.


Posted On: Feb 22, 2018



  1. It is a copy of the virtual machine.
  2. The cloned virtual machine and it cannot be converted back.
  3. A full clone does not share anything with virtual machines and is independent of parent virtual machines.
  4. It is possible to make a clone when the virtual machine is powered on.
  5. A linked clone does virtual disks sharing with parent virtual machine. Usage of same software installation for multiple virtual machines is enabled.


  1. The master copy of a virtual machine is called a template. Many cones can be made using clones.
  2. To update the base template, the template can be converted back to the virtual machine.
  3. It is more difficult to change a template than the ordinary virtual machine. It cannot be edited or powered on.
  4. Cloning a virtual machine from template results into a virtual machine which is cloned and is free of the original virtual machine.
  5. Virtual Machine cannot be converted to a template when it is powered on but a clone can be converted to a template.

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