List some pros and cons of Mac os?


Posted On: Mar 17, 2020


Some of the advantages of using Mac OS are,

Better multitasking features - Mac OS has several multi-tasking features and support for running multiple workspaces.

Better optimization of hardware and software - Apple designs both its hardware and software, so it gives them the advantage of optimizing the software for their hardware.

Simple and clean interface - Mac OS has a clean interface that is easy to use.

Free apps - Mac OS comes with free useful applications like iMovie, Garageband, pages, numbers, keynote, and more. They are powerful productivity apps from Apple that are included with Mac OS.

Less Malware - Compared to windows, Mac OS is less susceptible to malware and other security issues. Some cons of using Mac OS are,

Very expensive to own Mac OS - To use Mac OS, the only way is to buy a Mac. Mac computers are generally more expensive than windows counterparts, so you have to spend more to use it.

Limited availability of applications - Compared to Windows, Mac has less number of applications.

Less support for games - Mac OS lacks in games and is not marketed towards gamers.

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