List some mac os shortcut keys?


Posted On: Mar 06, 2020


Some of the basic shortcut keys in the Mac OS are,

  • Command+C - Copies selected items
  • Command+A - Selects all items
  • Command+D - Duplicates selected items
  • Command+V - Pastes the copied items
  • Command+1 - Shows active window in icon mode
  • Command+2 - Shows active window in list mode
  • Command+3 - Shows active window in column mode
  • Command+Del - Moves the selected items to trash
  • Command+Shift+N - Creates a new folder
  • Command+Shift+U - Opens the utility folder
  • Command+Space - Opens Spotlight menu
  • Command+R - Shows the original for the selected alias
  • Command+T - Adds the selected item to the Sidebar

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