Idioms and Phrases MCQ Test

  1. An apple of discord -
  2. At a stone's throw -
  3. The apple of one's eye -
  4. To build castles in the air -
  5. A square meal
  6. To foot the bill -
  7. Throw cold water upon
  8. What is the meaning of phrase "Child's play"?
  9. To show the white feather
  10. What is the meaning of Phrase "To die in harness"?
  11. By leaps and bounds -
  12. What is the meaning of phrase "Black Sheep"?
  13. What is the meaning of phrase "Fair & Square"?
  14. Gift of the gab -
Idioms and Phrases MCQ

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  • In a fair way
  • Cause of dispute
  • To be in bad book
  • None of the above
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  • Very far off
  • With a certain radius
  • At a short distance
  • Within a definite circumference
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  • Very dear
  • A tearful Eye
  • The most tender part of the eye
  • None of the above
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  • To make castles in the sky
  • To run away with the wind
  • To indulge in day-dreaming
  • To get involved in airy talks
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  • A stale meal
  • A hot meal
  • A costly meal
  • A good & satisfying meal
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  • To kick the bill
  • To tear the bill
  • To respect the bill
  • To pay the bill
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  • Calm down one's anger
  • Put out the fire
  • Discourage a plan
  • Tease someone
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  • An easy work
  • An interesting work
  • Games of children
  • A difficult work
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  • To show fear
  • To make a way
  • To be dear
  • To dance
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  • To do hard work
  • To die on duty
  • Unworried
  • Hopeless
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  • Irregularly
  • Rapidly
  • Gradually
  • Systematically
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  • A costly item
  • A dark shiny object
  • An unworthy Person
  • A funny Man
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  • Successful
  • Honest
  • Worthy
  • To feel Happy
  • Lucky
  • A big surprise
  • An Honest Person
  • To have talent for speaking
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  • Late in the night
  • In the dark
  • Improper
  • At the very last moment
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  • By any means
  • Tightly
  • Gradually
  • To complete the work
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  • A fact
  • Ordinary
  • Already Known
  • A Secret of government
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  • As we want
  • Good and bad
  • Coins of gold
  • None of the above
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  • In all sides
  • Many People
  • Everyone without distinction
  • Particular man
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  • Reason of quarrel
  • Quarrelsome
  • Disturbing man
  • With reason
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