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UPSC History MCQ Questions

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  • 23rd Mar, 2023

UPSC History MCQ Questions

History is a subject of social science in which we study past events or problems of people and society. In other words, history is the study of change over time. It focuses on the study of all aspects that is related to human society like economic impact, political, scientific, medical, religious, cultural, and military development. It is a vast subject & the word history is derived from the Greek word "Historia" which means to seek or to know. Firstly a Greek writer Herodotus coined the word history. Therefore he is known as the "Father of History".

Finally, practice here the Best History MCQ Tests | Quizzes that checks your basic knowledge of Ancient, Medual & Modern History. These MCQs are asked from the previous year papers. so,these are very important for the student, who is preparing for the Class 9, 10, 11, 12, UPSC, Bank, SSC, & Railway &  State Govt. Exams.

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