Enlist some pros and cons of Serenity bdd?

melike ateş karayol
melike ateş karayol

Posted On: Apr 03, 2020


Pros of Serenity BDD,

  • Create documentation quickly and easily after tests
  • It provides a good collaboration between business users, developers, and testers.
  • It uses Domain-Specific Language (DSL)
  • BDD lets you define specifications and accept tests in manageable units
  • It encourages the production of working features as soon as possible
  • It gives you the ability to target test runs on specific functional areas

Cons of Serenity BDD,

  • It takes time to create and maintain feature files
  • You need to have a good amount of communication for writing feature files
  • The BDD documents should be maintained
  • Writing automation code needs more time

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